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26 August 2013 @ 10:46 am
Sooo! Im moving out of my parents house and need to sell some stuff.

I currently am selling..

tvxq 3rd album (comes with fold up poster) $16
B.A.P 1st Single Album (There is a poster but would be extra since it does not fold up) $15 & $10
Xia 2012 single album uncommitted poster $8
EPIK HIGH poster $10
Big Bang Alive Poster $13
3 TVXQ/JYJ posters all 13x8 (Roughly.. Im not too sure thats how big they are) all 3 $12 Claimed
Beast 13x8 Poster $3
MBLAQ 13x8 poster
Miyavi poster LINK (Its a pretty big poster.. LOl. and the color is brighter than this one) $12 Claimed

Cds are opened but i never used them.. Posters are not ripped or wrinkled.
I will try and get some pictures up for them.
Hopefully people will buy!! I need the money!
22 September 2012 @ 09:03 pm
XD OMFG. Its still setting in that Im going To california.. and whats better? Im going to the BIg Bang Concert in anaheim! BLEEEHH Imj so freaking excited right now.. Like I cant even wrap my mind around it. even just going to Cali is intense... but seeing the first kpop group i ever liked? even betterr!!

To be honest i was sad because me and my Friend got bad seats.. were on the terrace which is the last level.. :( but knowing that Im actually able to go.. and theres people who arnt makes me happier... i should be grateful I got my hands on a ticket right? XD
I heard though that a bunch of "non-VIPs" bought tickets and are selling them for alot of money.. :( badddd.

anyone else going?
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12 June 2012 @ 10:53 am

This was supposed to be JaeJoong... LOL. To me the sketch alwaysss looks better. :(

LOL again the sketch had looked better... I think its because I didnt clean the lines up very well before I started coloring it... I suckkk at coloring clothes.. hahah

What you think?
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05 June 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Okay, SOOOOO just an update. LOl.

I know all of you are like whatever to me saying "I will update my fics" but I willl! I have actually finished No one ever asked me Epilogue and I am trying to finish the last 2 chapter of "The Bet" and also trying to complete the next chapter to I Hate you Kim JaeJoong. So I am getting there people! Lol.

Its just School has been a major pain in the ass, My Finals are coming Up and then I am FREE!! But Im majorly behind in Math and need to do Like 10 units and 3 tests and THAN my final which is in a week. :( I will fail I know it. And then My sculpture class.. haha. my instructor said I can make a sculpture out of CAKE! XDDD So I am making a chibi cake.. with all my lovely KPop stars~ XD ^_^

But WORK. GAHHHH work is lame. I am a cake decorator sooo it isnt as bad as when I was in Frozen... but It is still a pain and soo much dramamammama. :( But yeah. haha

I will start posting Again! Just please wait with me until my spring quarter is up! <3
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21 May 2012 @ 11:30 pm
Soooo~ The sketch was way better.. but thats because This was my first time using SAI. XD and I have to say SAI is prettty awesome!! hahaa. I bought my wacom bamboo tablet but I cant even draw with it since I have to draw sides ways (I have had dislexia since the 2nd grade) so Its kinda of hard to draw with it.... I can ColOrrr with it though and Scan my hand drawn images on the computer! WOOT!

09 March 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Im having a fucking panic attack right now.

I Had been sitting in class and I get a Friend Request on FB. I accepted it and then I go to look at the page of the person and REALLY looked at the name.... and the face... and Im like "God... where have i heard of him before?" And it hits me like a fucking Brick in the face... My Father... My Flipping Dad added me on FB... after 19 years (almost 20) of not even being around... I had NEVER seen him... EVER.

Aand Im like... what the hell am i supposed to do? Delete him? But I go and see he posted on my timeline... "Thanks, do you know who i am and do you hate me?"..... I kind of want to cry right now.... My grandma said "I dont know if you want to have a connection with him but you have to remember what kind of person he is" and I do know... and Im ashamed and disgusted and angry.... Hes under the sex offenders list in my county... and It makes me hate him sooo much... and its starting to make me hate myself because im fucking related to that... But its also my father... and... I dont know what to do... I have NO idea what the heck im supposed to do.
20 February 2012 @ 05:06 pm
Sooo~ haha. I was going to make a new LJ one that doesnt have my name in it.... I dont know maybe its just because its in my personality but I get bad feelings about certain things... and this LJ gives me a bad feeling... (i know it sounds weird... just ignore me..lol) Plus... for me I just want a new start... and I know so many times i have said this and have done it.. but since getting a job and going to college... I feel different... Its.. I want to say its a good feeling... but I cant really be sure, because sometimes I totally feel lost on where the hell i am... and when Im at work I always want to burst into tears... I dont know if Im just emotionally drained or something because of how I started off college... which still irks me when I think about it... the college could have called me sooner... or sent me a letter like there supposed too... but seriously? waiting until theres 3 days left till school starts to tell me I need to accept my financial aid check....O_o

But everytime i think about where I could be a couple years from now if i make these decisions i cant help but get a light happy feeling... so that must mean im heading in the right direction right?

But now... i want your guys opinion on the next story to start? or that you really want finished? I will right here tell the ones I will continue to write and eventually repost up.

Operation: Shim Changmin
The Bet Series
Diary of a cliche freshman (this one will be majorly rewritten)
I Hate you Kim JaeJoong

I also actually have about 3 stories that have been written... they have about 3-4 chapters written out each but im not going to post them until I get the stories my readers want out.... ^_^;

Sooo Which one do you want me to start finishing first? or if its not one of those then leave me a comment?

Poll #1820431 which to start?

which do you want me to start

Operation: Shim Changmin
The Bet Series
Diary of a cliche Freshman
I Hate you Kim JaeJoong
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19 February 2012 @ 10:44 pm
I find it seriously unbelivable right now. And since I can't talk about work stuff anywhere else ill talk about it here.

My work is gay. I'm not joking.. at least its a asst manager who makes work suck for me. He's alllways on my case about the flippin frezer and than says to me if I will feel fine leaving the frozen area the way it is. Did he seriously just ask me that?? I fucking have college to worry about... and if he would fucking let me bin the shit in then it could look at least a little better. And that's the funny part... I'm doing what he asked of me... the first time he gave me shitt for me "doing what he said" it was because ge said he didn't see any pallets disipearing.. well no shit sherlock you asked me to search for ouuttsss not get rid of pallets. Then jsut recently he won't let me bin... he wants the pallets worked... well.. okay whatever you sayy.. I did what he asked and if anythingg there was Q pallet more then when we started because the guy I wokr with doesn't know how to stack boxes without making the whole thing collapse on me... I honestly wish I could tell the mnger that he is doing this all wrong... and he's being a major bastard...... but I can't... sigh. Lol sorry for that major keyboard smashing rant..
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16 February 2012 @ 10:31 pm
Kk. So I dont know where the heck I have been but i just saw this on tons of people LJS about Yoochun Hitting a female fan... O_O I honestly dont see why people are pointing fingers.... The video doesnt even showw the guys face! and its soooo dark and plus.. I swear that this is old... Because the style of JaeJoongs hair is from along time ago.... O_o And I was right.. the video was from 2009. Really people?

So i went and searched and found this, and I totally beleive it. And no, not because i Love Yoochun... Because if he really did hit someone I would be appalled, because even though I write stories with abuse and it may seem like im okay with it.. Im not, I find nothing okay about any kind of abuse. So read this and then think about it.. Because really? Why people gottaa stir up drama and explode something so small into something too big.

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30 January 2012 @ 09:27 pm

 Title: No One ever asked me
Pairing: Yunho/JaeJoong
Genre: Angst, Romance
Rating: NC-17 - R
Warning: Drugs, Language, Rape, Non-con
Summary: No One ever asked Kim JaeJoong why he killed Jung Yunho, Until a young
reporter Named Changmin Finds great Interest In the tale behind the
horendous event.
Betaed By the lovely Meer-sshi! -Not this chapter-

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